Welcome to Eldorado 59



The passion for this accessory was born almost by chance, after more than two decades of reinventing jeans with craftsmanship, Maurizio Paltrinieri, founder of Eldorado59, moved to Campi Bisenzio (Florence), where he met the great Tuscan culture for craftsmanship .

Here Maurizio, learns the art for this handmade object of worship. This is the beginning of an almost maniacal selection of the highest quality materials. Collection after collection, the hat becomes the protagonist of Eldorado59.

Today, the hat that is produced, both for men and women, for the most part are unique garments, Eldorado59 embrace the philosophy of exclusivity, the accessory that enhances the people and their own identity.
Craftsmanship is our mission, to continue producing hats made in Italy, fashion-conscious, but eternal in time.